Satch, Christopher

Satch, Christopher

Former Director of Plant Science and Education at The Sill

Formerly the Director/Head of Plant Science and Education at The Sill, an NYC plant brand whose mission is to make plant care and gardening accessible to everyone, by providing the tools, education, and essentials necessary for success with plants. 

As Head of Plant Science and Education, at The Sill, Inc., (a Manhattan-based plant company) I was responsible for creating the educational division of the company. I had to write SOPs, create and document processes, train employees, generate content for marketing, and teach educational workshops to facilitate The Sill's mission of turning the black-thumb into the green-thumb. I have written product descriptions that now live all across the product pages of the website, and the entire plant care section of the website, as well as developed and taught educational workshops. In that, I broke down plant care to make it exciting and digestible to our customers and employees.

By making accurate plant knowledge accessible to customers, and creating a social plant community, we have seen the interest in cultivating houseplants surge, along with our sales.  Providing accurate information is the cornerstone of trust amongst our consumers.  I firmly believe that if we set our customers up for success by providing a comprehensive knowledge base, that this will lead to new growth in our industry.

Creating A Modern Garden Center Workshop
Saturday, July 13 7:45 AM - 4:00 PM